keskiviikko 25. helmikuuta 2015

forgot how to write

One live: Go create. That was in comments. And that line woke me. I have been writing, but..not from my heart. I have to admit that. I forgot, how to write... from my heart.

I wasnt too happy about my work, I just didnt know, what to write. It seemed like I didnt had any thought in my head: maybe! There´s so much, that I didnt knew, where to start. Still dont, but... I know that I cant fool you: Need to write from my heart. And..need to listen my heart more. My FEELINGS.

Now, the hard part: listening....what my heart says..

As I drink my coffee, listening mind wonders. I see a picture about New York, all the city lights. My heart desires to go wild out there, just one more night.
I know, my home is here and I´m all good living in nature. Still, that one part of me is wanting to dance. Night time is my world.

I will always come home.

Hidden so fully, being too serious..I have done that to me. Everybody has their own things, how to handle things, being a adult. I´m not too good in that. There´s part of me, that will never grow my mind. I wont let it...I need to hold on to that, my craziness. That instinct makes who I am, gives that spice of wildness....

I need to rise above me, to find me again.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about be wildKuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about be wild

I hate to be afraid.

About things, that are not happen yet. What if....I hate that. I havent been like this always, and I surely dont like it. I hate that line: what if? If I always ask it, I never be free. Never.
What if? So what....nobody knows... Need to set free from my fears. Holding me back too much...

Kuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about be wildKuvahaun tulos haulle quotes about be wild

with love

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  1. Maarit... I have a part of me that will never grow up or grow dull... too many people I know have done that.... saying they need to grow up... I say keep that childlike part and stay young at heart for as long as you can ♡

    1. :) that is so true Launna, so true. Let´s just be happy!!! <3

  2. Hello Maarit, i like this post......i think our processus are our very nobody else can go in there for you....i think that is what we all look forward in each of our encounter...sometimes we look after what comes sometimes we get up and going after it.
    keep riding into the wilderness....and howl your happiness out!
    best wishes

    1. Thank you Col, for your great words. What you wrote, is true...I will do that :)
      All the best


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