maanantai 26. tammikuuta 2015

Yipii!!! New energy!!

Hello there, I just woke after 3h nap. And woow, does world look good now! About next night I dont know, but now I feel good.
That Finnish text before...I wrote that to other blog...or I thought That I was writing it in my Finnish blog, before I published it :D Nap´s came truly in need.

Why I am tired? That´s easy: so much sport lately. :) Last week about 10h, and other work to top that...
Yes, totally worth it! I do enjoy to push my limits and work hard. My body told me today: I did. Funny feeling: like to charge the battery! Knowing, that you have really earned it.

I was playing tennis last week. I had played that looong time ago, and had some "small" troubles to remember all.. I had good teacher, who didn´t mind, if I hit that ball to other side of tennis hall :D
But it was fun, really. And my teacher is willing to teach me still! So, there´s some hope for me.

If one says tennis, dosent it make certain picture in your mind? Like, expensive clothes, style etc? Well, I proved that you can play tennis with your own style, too ;D

Last week was so busy, that I have´nt had too much time to be here. And if I had the time...I was tired. Now I need to work some balance between blogging and sport. Body building is truly for is.

That is so true. I have found me.

Hope your day is/was good, I´ll be back soon!

with love

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  1. This is awesome Maarit... I always wanted to play tennis... not sure my bad knees could handle the bending but I'd be willing to try :-)

    1. Launna, do try it! It´s so much fun!!! And really good for cardio... :) <3 oh, you can come here and we play?? :) <3


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