perjantai 9. tammikuuta 2015

so far so good

Finally, sitting in sofa and ready to work. So far it´s been busy day, but good. In the morning, I needed to wake early (and as I have told, I´m NOT morning -person) We  neened to go to wholesale. I actually love to go there: no rush, only self-employed persons, BIG place. Coffee in lobby to take with while you shop... Far from "normal" store.

So, I woke and tried to look like know: I know what I´m doing-look. Well...there´s a days, when you cant ask impossible! :D
Ok, what am I look?

My mother in law came along with us and so we went to store. I had a list, which I forgot at home... Great. So, we walked through the whole wholesale and guess what? "I need that, this , those....." Woops!!! Trust me, those shopping cart were full...and in that store carts are not small...No need to go in any store in next.....10years!!! That´s why that list is so good: you take what you need and that´s that. 

What I love to buy is vegetables. Different salads. From freezer...In my freezer is now about 8kg salad, same salad that some food places it´s good. Of course I use fresh too, but those are so handy to take. Meat, of course...lot´s of stuff! Healthy fast food? Yep. 

After that, big hurry! My man needed to go to work, and time was running too fast. When I said, that we go to store..that means about 100km to drive :D so...And yes, he actually was late from work. First time in 10 years... woops again. 

Then, I tried to fit all those foods in freezer...I need bigger freezer. 

4kg veges.... <3 

Then, taking care of dogs and cats, cooking and coffee, And here I am now, ready to write!

Still so much to do, and go to gym..and and!!! First, writing..I need to write all again, from both of my books, to this computer. Like I told, my another computer died.. :/ and I managed to print (TG) my books out. So........140pages need to write old and then add some new text. Can´t wait... ;D

I have been wondering few things lately, I will write about those later. There is just some things in this world, that I just dont get. Yes, we all have and life is full of wonders. These are more like life from around...closer. Maybe I should say: I wonder some peoples...But more about that later, now saving my books.  

with love

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  1. Maarit... I am intrigued with what you want to write about people and what you wonder... I have a situation that I am wondering about myself... or a person I should say... people never cease to make me wonder... I hope you are having a great weekend...

    Oh and a 100 kms to go to the store... I would not be able to handle that... lol (I would still visit you if/when I get to Finland one of these days, I just couldn't live that far away xox )

    1. Launna, people are such a interesting species... we think more than other animals and in perfect life we use it in good..sometimes just...we dont.

      Haha, that is truly a long way, but you know what? Now I have use to it. Nearest store is in 8km from home, not too big though... Oh and yes! WELCOME any time <3 <3 _)


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