maanantai 19. tammikuuta 2015

New day, New week

Oh, so the time goes! Last week was so full of sport. In Sunday I really felt that in my body: sweet tiredness! And I do mean that sweet. It was different than normal tiredness, my mind was so calm!
Saturday, when I was at gym.. I truly fought to get the power to do my program. But I was determined to finish it. And last during my last moves I felt such a amazing feeling: winner! I knew, that my rest day was well earned ;)

This sport...lifing.. I never in my thoughts could see this coming, but: Now I know, that it is, to stay, big part of my life. It gives me so much: power, winning myself, better shape...
At the beginning it was more My steps were not so sure...I had love/hate/I dont know- relationship about our It´s my getaway!

It´s not the most important thing or it was, when I started: Body. Of course one wants something to show off, if you work hard! But it´s more´s me getting back to me. :)

I put pics here now, about me (selfish?) Hope not...I am just so happy about me working hard and seeing results! For me it´s a big deal, when I was young..well, you know..panic etc... so, now I´m truly living it ;)

One thing I know: Never, ever too late to do what you dream of!

Really, the photos...are taken through old mirror :D and in our small room, where´s laundry drying.. But I have to say, even I´m just started this...I like what I see. Now, there..I said it! I havent done that in a long time...liking me. Liking that woman, who I see in mirror. So that´s why it´s a big deal.. for me :)

So, chase your dreams and work for those!!!! It will pay day. 

with huge love

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  1. Your arms look great Maarit... you look great... keep up the hard work, this is what I need to do, some strength training... I am really weak with my arm muscles... Have a great day and always keep dreaming xox

    1. Oh thank you Launna <3 I do feel better with myself now..and this journey is just started! It´s good to have some the number are raising in our age (not in spirit) it´s like money in the bank! Have a great day and you too...keep dreaming :) xox


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