tiistai 27. tammikuuta 2015

Life is like driving car

No matter the weather, you have to keep on going. Worse weather, wiser driver. If not, in the ditch you go. And you get pulled away, then try again.

Choose to go out there!

First, one has to learn to control you car. How it behaves, does the breaks work ok, testing it´s  runnability. Like when you are young. When you control that, you can go faster, and take wise risks, not before. Or..if you take risk´s before...ditch again.

Driving in road is, like life, dangerous. How you behave, and..how other do. If sometimes something happens...not your fault always! Someone could drive too close to you, and you have to break...boom! Like in life... someone is giving you a hard time. 

Or someone is not awake in out there...woah, loose cannon! There are so many different type of drivers out there...like in life. One can be flexible and all goes well. One is aggressive and make´s a mess. 

One thing is for sure: you REALLY have to be there, when you drive. In that moment...like we should be in life..

I think, that there´s a reason..why I love to drive. I have to be there, in that moment. Totally...:)

Be safe

with love

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  1. I don't drive Maarit... but I totally agree that you have to be in the moment when driving... there are too many crazy people on the roads....

    I often thought of getting my license but now it is really costly and I wonder if it is worth it for me but I fear the crazy drivers out there xox

    1. I understand...way too much crazy drivers..But as you are wake, there´s a change to do something..Go for it, if you feel like you want, dont be afraid, too much. There are those good one´s , too!! :) xoxoxo


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