maanantai 12. tammikuuta 2015

I´m wondering about us, humans,me

Ok, I could wonder more deeply...but I don´t do it here. So much darkness in news.. I don´t go there now. I will keep it lighter here... :)

What I wonder now, is.. If one is a bit famous among woman.... it makes him act like king?
And why... why some persons go crazy for fame, small or big one?

I mean, (this is hard to explain without saying names!) one writes blog.
He writes quite tough language, about woman, about relationship...and guess what? So many wants him now! When I added my comment, it was bad mistake :D Grauh from some woman..
And I just wanted to say, that he has a interesting way to write. That´s it. In my profile says loud and clear, that I have a man.  So, I was meaning truly about he´s writing.....

So, if you have some fame, and fans... and someone comments just purely about

Then I started to think, what would happen, if my blog would come famous? Of course there are ways to make it happen. But why? Do I need that? I have been wondering that before too..

What happens to us, humans, when we add word famous in sentence? Do we wonder, how and from where did he/she came famous? And by that I mean, there´s soooo many ways to be come famous. In good or in bad, but famous anyway.

Internet is helping so much in these days. I love that idea, that when I have readers...they really want to come here, without advertising. As I have told, I´m not too good seller :/

But how to pop up from such a big river of blogs? Kind of easy...old thing: Sex sells. Really, sexy pictures and good title to start. Those pics...bold but not showing all.. there´s the line.
That´s to get attention.. next step, how to be interesting? Use tabloids... act like you know someone. Be someone. Be bolder than you thought that you could be...

Of course by writing radical is one way, too...

Then I started to think me. If I would be about 20 years now....definitely, I know, my blog would be so different. ;) I was good looking good then, and without internet, also famous and walking to fame. Panic disorder cut that road and made me to walk new..

But I knew, still do "right" people.

Now I´m wondering (and no, not gonna do it! I just dont have that drive..not anymore) in this age, could I still make it here, in blog? Get that attention to be famous? Do I still have it? I´m not sure.... maybe, somewhere inside of me is that spark always. Trust me, I can be wild ;) I want it? That´s why I dont do add´s, I think... That tells answer, dosent it?

I just have to admit...there´s something inside of me still... hard to explain...something that is hidden...some feeling...

Oh well, time to make my oatmeal and go out, awesome day. If this writing is messy, don´t mind about that. Just hoping that you got my idea...

I still believe, that better to be famous from real know, talent in something... Am I getting old now? Maybe... There was a time, when I thought differently....Now I feel like my mom! :D

with love

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  1. What is famous Maarit... I have no desire to be that, living in a fishbowl where you are hounded by the paparazzi... I like that I have followers and many people who love to come to my blog to read but I could care less if I was ever famous xox

    Have a great day and have fun xox

    1. True there too :) If there´s a desire to become famous, one will find the way.. that tells that we dont want that life... hard, I can imagine! xoxoxo

      You too dear Launna, have a great day! xox


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