keskiviikko 14. tammikuuta 2015

I just can´t be mad

When I woke this morning...all trash were pulled out from trash can. I have our animal food there, in smaller bucket. Of course those 3 cat´s were thinking: don´t worry, we can handle this, we CAN take our own food, and give some to dog´s, too.... AAARGH!!!!

That mess!!!!! I had kind of different plans..but now I know what I´m gonna do today: clean. Yipii.....

Also, me making coffee...of course that A filter bag broke. With coffee grounds in the desk.

All that before my morning coffee... :D

And you know what? Now, when I write...those terminators (including me) are in one place: our sofa´s. Older dog is the sofa next to this bigger, this sofa, one dog and 3 cat´s... we are like one big pack! I truly...I can´t be mad..

Mother and son...

Yep.. ;D family

Then about winter: 
Ice road... takes more than will to go for a walk. It take a really good shoes! In one point of this road, as I was driving, my car started to just slide sideways..towards the ditch. That, I have to tell you...was not fun!!! 

But, still..beautiful winter:

Now, cleaning...sometimes I do actually enjoy to is not one of those days ;D

with love

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  1. Maarit you are a step ahead of me... I don't like to clean ever, lol.. I do it out of necessity.. haha. Before I had a full time job I had a shiny clean house but not so much now :-) I hope your day turns around soon ♡


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