perjantai 30. tammikuuta 2015

How hard is it to be woman/man in these days

I  have wrote about this before, but one more time!

If you want to try your luck in modelling..or just want to do something, what could make you some kind of famous.. it has not been easy earlier, but today?? What does it take? A lot. Too much.

Trust me, I´m totally understanding person and I dont judge easily. And this is me more like wondering... not judging. Why I this: I saw one tv series yesterday here in Finland. It´s called mummomafia.. (grandma Mafia) 3 grandma´s are trying to help people with their long history of fame, publicity and wisdom. Yesterday there was this young girl, looking good, I have admit. Her ONLY goal in life is... to get herself in Playboy.

Ok, I sort of understand that, our dream, with my friend, when we were young...was that same. But we did more things and... we took some pics but never sent those...
But..I dont know, she didnt look too happy. Then those grandma´s asked: do you have plan B? Yes, I will get one rich man and live my glamour life... I cant do normal work.

Ok... there are so many people out there, I cant judge. I havent been no angel. But one thing made me think more...plastic surgery. She´s only 21, and gone thought lot´s of operations. As I think of´s TOO normal to have silicones, botox and filling in your lips. Hair... not your own. I mean, you cant be natural in these days? When you think some covers of magazines... true?

It´s so natural, that if you are organic, someone asks; really? You dont have nothing? It´s about time! And then we have to cheat time, as we get older-that takes money. For me, many woman looks same.Blond hair, big lips, big tits. Ok, I dont know..during 90´s...I truly had some wild ideas...

But... that goes for man, too! Not too easy to be man, either... no, if you are not rich.

But, this woman, who I was talking about....she told yesterday in tabloid...she was born as man. Made operation and now she´s a woman. That´s ok, she dont look as a woman... More like doll. And all that she has get in to Playboy. All operations..all that work... for shell, that you carry. Inside? I dont know..maybe I´m just old fashion in these days... I just wonder...

Maybe one day, being natural..or close to that will be fashion, trend for beauty. I surely hope so...

Otherwise... I dont know, where that road will end??? What´s next?

And that woman..she got her moment in fame now. But will it last? that the right kind of fame...or is all fame just good, as long as someone knows you.....

with love

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  1. Maarit... I hope I am never famous in the sense that some of these people have, I don't mind people knowing about my life but I really don't want everyone knowing every single detail of my life... I also think we need to go back to a real and natural beauty xox

    1. I undestand Launna, totally. That´s a hard way to live...I´m happy of my choices, too. We do, and you are so beautiful as you are! Natural beauty is so undervalued... <3


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