torstai 22. tammikuuta 2015

Forgot to have fun

Now, as I write this, I´m cooking at the same time. (we are having rise, chicken with onion and roasted beets) And my nerves....too tight! It´s like big squeezer is around my head! And...I know, why.
I have done things, in gym, at kitchen...I feel like I´m living here in these days... Yes, I like cooking, and now I kind of have to. It´s part of my gym program... so...veg´s etc...That´s not the problem, the problem is me! I´m way too serious now! Not about program, there I need to be tight, if I wanna succeed..

It´s just...I´m so much at home, with animals.... and they want attention, of course. Food, water, out, food, out...´s in the wall... wow! I love them sooo much, but I need some human time. And time to have just fun.....I forgot that!

Ok, need to breath. One cat is stalking food... breath....:D Now she want´s to play with me....As I went to fix one flower she dropped...almost burned the chicken!
No worries... breath....all in control... but hey! Do I need to have all in control, all the time???

Have you seen those rock video´s from 80´s???

Scorpions- no one like you I LOVE that energy, that ....I dont know, how to put it....wild thing, that they have there!!!! I want to rock!!!! Just let loose.... Just be that "bad girl" a good way.... You know?

I wanna be W.A.S.P Wild child.... I do.... I have been that..or actually, I was born to be one... That side of me balance my sensible side.... without it I  become...depressed.

Woah, finally..I made some sense to me! As I write, I clear my mind at the same time...

Now, time to eat, so I can go to gym.... :D

with love

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  1. Maarit... always remember to have fun... that's a good reminder for me can be too serious if we forget that ♡ xox

    1. Launna, that is so true...I remember, you too!!! <3 So true, life is short and boring without fun xoxoxo

  2. Aw just like Launna said, always remember to have fun. :)
    Let loose, in a good way and rock out to your 80's music and enjoy the moment. Be wild and sing and dance and be free. Life is too short to be serious. <3 :)


    1. Louann, thank you!! :) You said it well, and actually I´m gonna do just that! Born to be wild ;) It is, too short for that..serious-thing... <3 :)



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