keskiviikko 7. tammikuuta 2015

Anyway, here I am again

Oh, I just love technology. I do, it helps so much in daily basics. But! When something goes really goes then. And yes, I wasnt smart enough to take back ups.

My Acer...collapsed, totally. Some small life in it, but it just...went back to the time, when I bought it. And guess what? ALL my books, photos etc. were there.... of course. "I will take back ups one day, it works well now..." Yep. RIP Acer...

I fought all day yesterday to figure out, how I´m gonna get my important documents out. I had so much technology around me, another laptop, phone, tablet...I tried to move those files from hard disk...I fought 4 hours and finally I found a way to print my books...after printing, wow, my head! Too much for me, to think ;). I´m not sure, what else is there still, I believe something important... One day I will try again to save those.

But what I learned FINALLY: I dont trust too much in technology. Back up, paper and pen...maybe clouds etc... ( not too sure about that either, one of my accounts were hijacked and lost all....)

And yep, I´m thankful about my old laptop, Samsung <3 it works and I can write again.....

What did we do before internet? I really dont remember... :D Or yes, I do. We went out.... but, we could not write blogs... So, good in both.

with love

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  1. That's awful Maarit... I lost a great deal when one of my computers died... I still have the hard drive, I have no idea how to move it all. All my pictures are backed up on Google+ now and I have that set up with a 2 step verification... no one is getting in there ♡...

    Even though I loved the simpler times... I am grateful for technology that brings us so close together. I never would have met you ... I'm glad we did ♡

    1. Oh Launna, sad to hear that :/ not fun....
      Yes, me too! Without this technology we would never met...and trust me, I´m soooo glad too :) <3 <3

  2. aww i know the feeling because my laptop died last year and its very important to me because i do my blogging there. And yes, i miss the old times when everything is simple, but i love blogging <3

    1. Oh Sarah, you too...When our laptops die, we feel kind of helpless? I know tha tI do :) I love blogging too, it´s kind of grew in me now... <3


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