tiistai 2. joulukuuta 2014

what do you think?

That´s what facebook ask, when I open it..  oh well! Just made peace with old friend, and realized that it´s a better way to live. Making peace.

Sometimes it´s just not too easy or simple..or is it? Is my attitude too hard...sometimes? And by that, I just make more stress for me. I mean that in daily things, my hard headed way... I have to say, in some things I am hard headed. I see that more now. And I dont like it...not all the time.
Ok, I have learned to survive. Life has been rough and sometimes still is. That´s life.
But what I miss from me, is that..oh, innocence and gift to just jump in! I have lost it..
Or can it still be inside of me...I surely hope so. I dont want to be so tough, and strong all the time. And..I dont need to! But there´s some old sensor, that keeps me on guard too much.

I want to believe in fairy tales, I want to believe that dragons are real! :) I...just dont want that life is too serious...that kills creativity. That kills that gift, where you can see beauty around you... In too serious life..no room for dreaming. And without dreaming? Oh well...no great stories....just grey.

Do I make any sense?

"Life is what you made of"

It has just hit me, that thought. I could blame something/someone for that, that I´m not there, where I want to be. But the truth is...I have to make it happen. Me. I have to work hard, I have to take all  responsibility, and! Credit too!
By changing my way to thing I can achieve more. I see many opportunities front of me, but my thoughts has been on my way. "you cant, not so talented, that´s just fantasy..." Well, says who? I can. :) Me talking to me there..

I mean, my limited way of think is holding me back. And also, my fear, that maybe it dosent work? But one thing is for sure: I will never know, if I dont try.

I hope that I make some sense here...

Believe in you.

with love

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  1. I miss you Maarit... I'll be back at the end of the weekend to catch up.

    I love that last quote by Johnny Depp... he has said some very amazing quotes... we really can feel what we don't want to say or acknowledge.... ♡♡

    1. Miss you too Launna!! I´m here waiting :) Take your time and when all done we catch up. Johnny Depp is very wise man... <3


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