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how not to talk to her

Yep, some examples from experience and from my dear friends. Both woman and from man. Good place to study is indeed: facebook. :) I love my friends but just sometimes...:D when some male are trying to impress some new female. wow!!! All that charm and knowledge goes away in some point.

And I´m writing this with smile, so dont take it too serious! There could be some tips, thought ;)

This is from conversation between two people, who have known for some time...only through skype. There is sparkles and some interest going on. Small talk, maybe little insinuation...then: male says to female: show me your tits! REALLY!!!!!! With that line she was turned off. Show no no....not like that! :D

As woman, most of us enjoy to be taking more like..well, Romeo-style. Not too slimy, but too straight names. More like hint....and if you notice that she dont want...quit asking! Danger to loose her is reality there.

Another example: send your pic to my inbox. Ok, female takes nice selfie. Male: ok nice, but take off your clothes. NO!!!!! For female it´s feels same as you dont need your head, just some parts of your body: Tits and...well, you know. No, not like that. Only thing you make her feel is uncomfortable. She could send pic but your points....loosing. Just tell her, that thank you for beautiful selfie, her eyes are just what you wanted to see....

Not too often, maybe sometimes, but not too really dont hear a woman saying: Drop your pants and take a pic! There´s a reason for that: we just think differently. As a woman, I like more...hidden erotic. Like many girlfriends that I know. Not too straight.

And one more... this is from my friend, male. He´s awesome friend and heart of gold. But...oh boy...with woman..One beautiful woman put a pic with coffee mug in FB: good morning all! This guy writes: I can think something better between those lips of yours...;) ;) . NOOOOOOO!!!!!! He was just getting to know her...and yes, never did. Like I said...we are different!

Maybe one day there´s place for those..yes. I believe it´s more then, when you have been together longer time and she feels more safe. And...if she dont want, dont ask. ;)

Like I  said, don´t take this too serious! But as a woman, I can relate in this...

with love

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  1. Can I ever relate to this... some guys are too scummy or stupid... dating at my age I swear I have heard almost everything. I wish they could see how nasty looking they come off....:-)


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