torstai 18. joulukuuta 2014

Hi there! Photo time ;)

How are you? It´s almost Christmas and busy busy at home :). I have been enjoying myself outside: snow!!! It´s been more like on/off in this "winter". One day +4C and another day -4C. But it seems like winter is really coming and staying! Its huge difference here, snow..daylight is getting shorter day by day and without that lovely snow, so dark. So, here´s snow:

Ok, found my buddy in store ;)

I truly, truly love nature and snow..can you believe? ;D

with love

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  1. Blogger ate my comment :(

    I am hoping we have a Winter where if it is cold that it will also warm up from time to time... it would make the season more bearable xox

    I hope you are doing well, enjoy the holidays <3 xox

    1. You too Launna, enjoy <3 I´m such a winter person..I just love, when it´s cold! Maybe I have been Eskimo in my past life??? ;)


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