tiistai 30. joulukuuta 2014

almost in year-15

Wow, days are running and it´s last days of this year. Christmas-time was relaxing, warm...It´s been long, long time since I have felt so good spirit in Christmas. Since my mother passed away, and now dad... this time of year was pure pain. Now, finally I have learned to enjoy...

Also, my project with getting shape is going well now. I was a bit afraid about X-mas eating... ;) but! With good advice from my trainer helped: no extra weight during holidays! So happy about that.

My thoughts about year-14...it surely was educational! I learned more about myself in this year than before. Up´s and downs, like in everybody, but really... I learned a lot. I had so much strength to face some hard happenings from my past...and by that, move on. Also, I found my dream and I started to work on for that. Most of all...I learned the power of real love. I finally...without a doubt ....I am home.

I have felt more like traveler so long, that it took me more time to trust that I´m really home. Now I know. :) Amazing feeling, no matter what...I´m not alone.

So, hard year but so worth it! Worth to fight, worth to love..worth to forgive.

Next year...I believe that I´m more determined, more hunger to chase my dream. And yes, I believe that there´s gonna be even more dreams! I have realized that I can. Simple as that: I can. :) So, no more no´s, I´m gonna say: I can.

I took this yesterday, I just love water and that awesome winter.

Weather is truly changing fast now: yesterday it was -24c, today +1!!!! Wow, mother nature is surely woman... ;)

Ok, I think that it´s time to wish awesome New Year:

with love

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  1. Happy New Year Maarit... I truly wish for joy and happiness... keep strong, we'll encourage each other along the way...♡

    1. Happy New Year Launna <3 I wish all that for you, too dear! :) And yes, we do that, dont we? encourage each other... so good! <3

  2. Happy New Year ! It is beautiful to read how everyone has experienced the holidays, their ups and downs and whatnots. <3 I lost my Dad in September last year, needless to say, Christmas hasn't been the same. Sending love to you.

    1. Happy New Year Louann :) Oh, I´m sorry to hear that..your dad. It´s truly big loss...Big hug!!
      Sending love to you too, and enjoy your New Year, let there be so much good!!



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