perjantai 14. marraskuuta 2014

sometimes is better just listen

Woh, big decision is made. Wasnt easy, but necessary....I´ve was given a opportunity to write more, different kind of writing. First I was so happy about that and tried it... Something I have always wanted to try. Lyrics. But....I also met the world, where money is the goal. Of course, that is something that you will get after you have work. But...writing something that is not really

Dont get me wrong, that was great opportunity and still want to do that! I do, and one day I will.
I just cant sell me or my heart... when I write, I want to write from my heart, the text should look like me. So I truly can stand behind it.

I listened my heart, it said not now. With someone, someday yes..not now and not like this.

So, here I am, again with you and so happy about it. I dont need to be cold and tough to make it, I wanna be me :)

with love

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  1. Maarit... I think sometimes opportunities come at different times... we might be ready or we might have to wait for another time ;-)

    1. Launna, you are so right in that. We´ll never big thing..waiting ;) <3


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