tiistai 18. marraskuuta 2014

Ok, need some help with my dream

Yes, I had to make decision..to invest in me. Like I have told before, one of my dreams is to get in shape. And I do mean: SHAPE. Here at the country...the truth is that distance are so long that going to gym 4 times in week is not really realistic. It´s gonna cost way too much per month. Gas, gym...all.

I have work out at home, we have our own gym in storehouse. Basic, but working. Also, I have gone with Joe Weider´s program and it´s really good! For bodybuilding. Burning fat, well..yes and no. Now I have real nice biceps, I do...but I´m hungry for more. I need to burn that fat from my body and be the best me I can. Now I´m not. I´m letting myself go too easy... So. I contacted one Personal Trainer. I saw his add in ProBody- magazine..the name of that magazine tells so much ;) It is totally pro. And so is that PT. I have sent my pictures and infos, still writing my food diary and gonna send it soon.
He accept me in he´s program, and I just cant wait!!

It´s gonna last 6 month, cost some money, but! Not too much, and I want to believe...I´m worth it.
He makes food map, exercises, everything to me. Best part is: My home gym will do, and he´s on-line. So, I will stay in touch with e-mail, which is so good for me. Every data I will send back, he check it out and makes more plans...still have to wait 2,5weeks but I´m not in hurry now. I know, that things are going forward. I can sort of chill out, it´s gonna be fast ride after that!


And another dream: I totally want to, once in my life, fly with Emirates in first class :D Really...

I think you understand, why.....

with love

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  1. Those are valid and beautiful dreams. Hope you can achieve them especially since you have the whole 2015 to make it happen. I mean, New Year, new goals, new lifestyle, new beginnings. But, you can start anytime now. Have fun!

    1. Thank you SuperLux!!! Very kind and supporting words :) and you are right! New year, new lifestyle..everything is possible! 😀

  2. Girl, I want you to have all your dreams... you're such a kind and caring person... reach high for those dreams ♡♡♡

    1. Launna... <3 <3 <3 Thank you so much....!!!! :) You are such a wonderful woman!


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