lauantai 29. marraskuuta 2014

Oh wow, I´m in love

First it was just infatuation, harmless thoughts. Suddenly it was in my mind more than I wanted. That...I wanted to feel more. That iron- tough touch...cold but still so hot after 10 min...
It calls me in the middle of the night..sometimes...during burns my heart and keeps it in flames! I`M IN LOVE! 

Ok....and the subject is: free weight ;D what on earth did you thought? 
Here, as I have told, we have our own small gym. There´s only pure iron, nothing fancy...and you know what? Yes, I truly love to be there! I love to work out with those weights! There´s just something...I cant tell in words...when I take that weight and notice that i can lift it...first it hurts, then it starts to feel so good! I can do this! After work out, I´m sooooo tired, relaxed and my whole bod is just ecstasies. 

The reason, why I havent been writing so much is simple: my hands were so tired and yes..hurting a bit (sweet pain!) after we changed our program.. wow, hard! Now my body is loving it, after pain.

Also, I have one week to "chill out". Well, not from gym but with food. In 8.12 my Personal Trainer gives me my burn fat in pro way. I dont thing that it´s gonna be easy, no...but that´s why I wanted him to do that program to me, I truly want to work. It´s for my future, my health. And for those reasons, I´m more that ready! 

Now it´s grey outside, but I do need my daily oxygen... I truly wonder, am I loosing it? Because so many is tired to that darkness (it is dark and grey here now.. ) I love that weather during my walks! :) Maybe it´s just me...but I believe that with my own attitude I can chance my reaction... not always, but mostly. For me there´s fresh air, misty weather...makes my imagination flow! Dark forest...hmm...what can live there? Maybe I can create idea for book one day? 

Well, now it´s 12.30pm and there´s daylight left...3-4h. So, to the woods! I´ll be back.... ;)

with love

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