sunnuntai 16. marraskuuta 2014

just a thought´s


My opinion is: dont follow fashion, be fashion.

Why I wonder this now, is that it´s the hottest season for Christmas party´s. And... I´m sorry to say this out loud..but..every magazine is FULL of different kind of fashion to use in this year... And for my opinion, that´s boring. Every pictures are just the same. Every make-up tip..same. Buy buy....
Style is more important, your style. What you want to wear..and that, my friend, do it your head high and you are fashionista!

I have often wondered, who (or yes, those who have name) says what´s in and what´s out.. I´ll say, what you wear is cool. Dont get me wrong, I love beautiful clothes, I do. But buying those just because they are now Someone said once, that who dosent follow more fashionable from all. too, am very fashionable ;)

Just my style, nothing serious.. But really, I havent bought any fashion magazines for a long time. I haven´t found nothing NEW from those..sadly. I´m sorry, I know there´s a hard work there..but..something new???
Now I read about weightlifting...such a feminine thing to do!? ;D

That was one thought.


Bigger thought. Friendship. How to put this shortly..oh well, my friend is going to other religion. I will write about this very...well...not too straight, I´m more like wondering things. That religion is not the most common here in Europe. And there´s nothing wrong, no. I really dont say that. is hard here, where most people are Christian. I have seen people to be so cruel to other human being. And in this religion, as a woman, you can see it straight. I´m just worried, that she will be alone with that. In that I mean that place, where she lives. People are too shallow... I´m there for her, of course and totally  respect her choice. I´m just worried..maybe I dont need to,´s not easy here. All I want is the very best for her, what ever road she will take.
I´m not perfect, my life is´nt and I dont believe that there´s such a thing than perfect person. By that I mean... no way I can judge no one. No way.

That´s all for now, like I said...just wondering things :)

Have a great day!

with love

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  1. You are right Maarit... we should not be judgmental of others ... we have enough of our own things to worry about :)

    Also, I say follow your own style just as you said... find what works for you and go with that xox

    1. Launna, we do.. and everyone makes their own choices.. what bad for me is good for other. I cant judge,if it dosent fit me.. :)
      Thank you dear, I will follow :) Coming up: sooo fun times in closet... xox


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