tiistai 14. lokakuuta 2014

just be what you want to be

Really? Yes. I was a singer yesterday..in my car, alone. But I truly sang from my heart! Then I was a dancer, at home. And after that...I started to think, why not? Why not reach for the stars?

Usually advice is: dont reach for the stars, you will fall hard. So? At least I tried and oh boy! What a ride!
That´s how, what I want to feel. You know, I havent REALLY thought, whatt I want to be when I crow up. I mean, some in some point yes, but...mostly I have gone like everybody else and what is "normal" in society. And those, who have succeed..are so much more that me. I´m just a ordinary woman, with no change to do what I want. Or dream.

But...what if I start to dream big? Reach for my stars? What ever that is... can I achieve my dreams? And...what TRULY is my dream.

For that I need to let go from those thought, that what I should be. Free my mind and dream bold! That is not so easy, believe me. Not for me. Maybe,,not for someone else, too? But now, I need to learn that, how to free my mind. I guess there´s gonna be some funny thoughts, too..but mostly not holding back my thoughts and not gonna say to myself: your not gonna do that, you cant. More: you can.

I stared new blog, in Finnish. It´s about training and thoughts about it. Why I started it is simple: needed to clear my mind, too. I didnt want to write all those things here and start kind of sport blog ( weightlifting), because this is more like...me as I am. Woman behind training. My thoughts.

So next task: dreaming and I need to find my star. I have good time today, so I wish that I will find a clue about my REAL dreams....I will tell you first, when I find those. <3

And...I know, this writing is kind of...well, messy. Not too logic.  I´m rebuilding myself as a woman, human and accepting that fact, I´m not me yet. Not all that, what I can be.

with love

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  1. Yes Maarit, we must not be afraid to dream... and not dream small ones... dream big and go after them...

    I am making some changes too... I have a goal that I had given up on but now I see it is still a possibility, one day...

    1. Launna<3 missed you :) and I'm so happy,that you have find your lost goal again. That is such a great thing to do! We are not limited....


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