lauantai 18. lokakuuta 2014

Finnish alcohol policy

Has gone crazy!!! I do not normally write about politics, but...I dont know, it´s gone totally insane. Word: almost curse now.
It all started, when one agency set new alcohol law. Alcohol advertising cant be public, in any form.
Beer and whiskey festival had to chance their name. That whiskey-part needed to leave away. Then, some bloggers wanted to write about that festival, and had some logo about whiskey in their pages....ok, those off and do not use the word: whiskey. Or they gonna cancel the whole festival....REALLY??

There´s so much more in that law, I cant list everything here, because it´s still living it´s own life here. But also, Ron Jeremy´s rum..He´s picture had to remove from the bottle, could make one think, that you will have sex when you drink that rum. REALLY?
Then Captain Morgans rum must make me want to be a pirate...

Some landmarks have to take away, because those remind about beer. One is rooster, and guess what? Even their bread have to make changes, because there´s that same rooster....

Some bars have to chance their names, yes, because....that could refer to some alcohol label.
There´s denies everywhere! Finnish people has taken so much, we are really that quiet type. Our food is really expensive, so is living. We had took those and gone on. Now, people are so tired to patronage.

We have laws against sugar, against everything... really, they dont trust, that people CAN think. Like big brother is watching all the time. No no no. WE CAN THINK!

And I do not drink myself, no. Maybe whiskey sometimes, one class. Or wine, class here or there. In that point it dosent effect me, but I dont like that point of view: they cant think.....

Oh, I´m such a rebel? :D :D 

with love

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  1. I agree that there are just too many laws try to make people live a certain way... sometime too many...


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