torstai 30. lokakuuta 2014

Another day behind

This is life, days go by and some days are better than others. In some days, dosent happen much...others? Too much. Today was both. Nothing too special, more like realizing life.

Last night went totally down under....not to Australia, but...I didnt get any sleep..maybe 3h, that´s it. First talking to my friend, in London. bed And s=&%! One cat started to "sing"or...cry..more like wolf. Tossing and turning till 4am, and quiet finally! At 6am...dogs....Went crazy because my man came home from work. Barking and so on..ok, up.
One more hour in sofa...

After that, day went like all days, writing, reading, dreaming, cleaning.

Then..that cat started to sing again. My nerves! So, to car I went... Oh...loud music can be so relaxing after cat in heat! I drove a lot and felt sooooo good.
I listened old rock band, Vixen.. So sexy then! :) Felt like young rebel all over...

Then I came home, ate and now here in Finland is that time..our daylight is getting shorter, fast. Now, darkness comes about 17.00 (5pm). So, to my daily nordic walk, fast. And as I got out there...I just felt that coo wind and so peaceful mind...

Sun was setting, still got about 1h time left. I had my headphones on, my steps were so light. I truly felt like flying! What a feeling. Since I broke my ankle, I have waited that feeling, when I can walk or run so fast, that I feel so tired was that moment. I´m so grateful, that I can walk/run again, with full speed.

During my walk, I saw swans. They are moving to warmer places, and we live in their course.

That moment was kind of stopping for me: I realized that all that matters now, is family. My life here and now. I´m so lucky...even my nerves danger ;) but, this is my family and that´s that. Everybody has their places, even those cats! And dogs, of course.

When I came home, I felt so much...balanced. Tired and happy. Totally. And yes, that interview, Gonna get my own copy soon! I put some pictures here too. I´m more that happy about that. Bg deal for me, I can share that message: you can survive from panic disorder.

Now I´m drinking green tea with ginger. And looking those funny cats...omg, long night ahead.. ;D

Oh, if you want to get your lips looking more´s one beauty tip: rub your lips with small piece of ginger. Puts blood going and fills in nature way... ;) I just tried that and it works so good.

That was my day, hope yours was good!

with love

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  1. First, I am glad you are able to walk and run Maarit... that is so great and second family is the only thing that matters... you are so right xox

    1. Thank you dear Launna, I´m so happy too :) family is the key <3 oxo

  2. Thats a great thing about just walking, because it can sometimes get our thoughts together, more power to you and your family <3

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    1. Sarah, it is so true. Walking has such a healing power! After good walk mind is more than ok :)


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