torstai 11. syyskuuta 2014

what writing means to me

My life! Like a breath, in and out..Sky, so clear. Or stormy nights. All that and so much more.
Expression, though, dialogue...My deepest feelings.

Writing is part of me, the language, that I love to use. My friend, lover and judge. My soul, as I write, is here.

Sometimes it´s just small talk, sometimes deeper..poet..or I´m just wondering about something.

It´s the way of life for me. much to you can say! One word is so powerful. Love, hate, hurt..

Telling a story, a song.. a book. Just you and your thoughts. When I write, I feel huge love inside, passion. Passion to express. My fingers are in fire, as I write and rest of the world is gone for a moment. Just me and words. Telling something to you.
Sharing something about me, maybe giving something, too!

What writing means to me? Love!

with love

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  1. I love writing Maarit... it frees me to write things down ♡


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