torstai 25. syyskuuta 2014

what really matters

What really matters to me? Large question and there could be so many different things, that belongs in that. Love, family, health,,, of course those are important!
I´m thinking this more from that point of view, sports, my future and healthy. How I am seeing myself after 10 years? Am I gonna be just in sofa, in bad health and just... gonna worn out.
OR, am I gonna be in good health, still having that sparkle in my eyes and running 10km like younger?

Why I´m thinking this simple. Now it´s good time for me to do what I love to do: run. Of course I could start it all aver again later...but now, like money in the bank. I have walked long routes and long times. There was that brake, when my ankle was broken.

After that, it was harder to begin again. I was almost half year trapped with my leg, small walks, that´s it. And I truly saw, that half year is a long time for keeping a brake!

I started with walk. Those routes, that I use to walk..long ones..not a chance! That was such a disappointment to me. To be honest, I was thinking to quit running... felt so down.

Now, I have walked again, longer times and routes. That question: what really matters? Not giving up. That´s what matters to me now. 

I have been training determined with my body and mind. That mind-part was definitely the hardest part! I wont lie, I fought with myself to get started again.

But now...Yesterday and today..I ran!!! Not too far, but it´s a start again. And I´m not giving up.
From that day, when I broke my this day..I lost something. My sparkle in sport. I was maybe a bit bitter and felt self-pity...

I still have to be little careful with that ankle, but I´m not letting it stop me. Not anymore.
I need to have patient to start over, slowly but surely. One day...It will be ok again. And before that, I will enjoy those smaller steps on my way.

It´s never too easy to start all over again, but definitely worth it.

with love

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  1. Yay Maarit... I am so glad you are back to running... I am trying to convince myself to get up a half hour earlier and do my 30 minute walk... It hasn't been easy since I am finally sleeping and I love to sleep so that I don't want to get up... I will though.. I will make that change for me...

    1. :) Thank you dear Launna <3 you are so brave...I found out that morning jogging is not for me.. :D later in the evening..I also, love to sleep!


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