torstai 4. syyskuuta 2014

needing a shelter

Yes, me. Strong woman, always wanting to be there for others. Sometimes even forgetting myself in the line of time, when it´s needed.
But when all dust is calmed, I stand there alone., screaming: me too, I need attention! I need shelter, too...

I know, I dont have to give so much for myself..but even though I know it, I cant help myself. I have build to care. Too much? I dont know about that...I rather care than be cold.

But then, usually, I end up to stand alone with my pain. It is, after all easier to take than give?

Now, as things are calm...I stand in the battle field alone. No roof to protect from rain! No walls to protect from cold. Just me... crying.

I dont know, how to be something else. I could ask for help, but somehow I believe..that if you are close enough you will see the pain in people next to you. But, what if I´m wrong? Maybe I´m just too good of hiding my feelings? That could be, too. After all...I have such a long training for that.

So, should I cry for shelter? Or just build one by myself...just...maybe hug or two...

It aint easy to be strong, sometimes. It´s a lonely job!

with love

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  1. Maarit... I thought I had commented here.. hmm... Being strong on your own is tough... I too wish people could see through my smile and know that not everything is great... yet I hold back too... not wanting to look weak...

    1. I know Launna...tough that someone sees your being weak...ev!en though weakness is actually being strong. Sometimes dropping that mask is the best thing to do... <3


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