tiistai 23. syyskuuta 2014

motor, cat and nerves

Hi again!

Since last Friday..I have been out of nerves. Almost totally :D Ok, Friday. We went to get that crankshaft position sensor to my car. As I told, we use one special place where they are focused on American cars. Time was 16.30 (4.30pm) and that place were closing at 17.00 (5pm). Next open in Monday.
So, there we went, and I asked that part to my car. He went and got it from somewhere and gave it to us. I truly looked...what? But since I thought that he´s the pro..I dont say nothing. It´s just..it was looking so different than I thought and in package said: car with 3.8l motor.Camshaft sensor. So, in my 2.5l car is not suppose to have that sensor at all. 
Yes, I was little stupid...I didnt questioned it there. I should have. 

But, we took that part and home we went. Next task: to open that motor and find where that sensor it. I have to tell you: NOT easy and NOT fun. 

Motor as it should be

Somewhere there...

It was there. In such a bad place, that I will give a Oscar for putting it there. But "we" did it, got it away. What a victory! It´s in trophy now, in our wall... woh! But....that new part..didnt fit, at all.  No way. OMG! And that place was closed all weekend. My car, motor open in out... ( in garage, there´s scooter waiting it´s turn)

Ok, plan...we go in Monday morning at 8am to that place to get right one. I was truly upset, but thinking that ok..in Monday. 

Then we were thinking, to just have a relaxing weekend. Not. Cat....one of them...started to pee in floors. And sofa. And bed. First, we didnt know..witch one it was. 3 cats, who? So, I started to follow...and oh no!!!! Our small one. :( the cute cat...small...little simple...noooo!!!!!

I was again so tired. Cleaning, worrying, and tired. Why she does that? And What shall I do with it? She cant destroy our home....and I love that (all of those) cat. So sad....

She had heat just before, but yesterday I noticed that she´s crying. Urethritis..has to be. In this morning...to  vet. And yes, with medicine can fix her <3. So relieved!!!!!!!!

My baby... :)

As for me, I ordered some new clothes..as medicine. ;) I do need that now......

with love

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