sunnuntai 14. syyskuuta 2014

Life and lingonberry

These few days has been real wake-up call for me. In Friday I heard, that there´s something...dont know what...wrong in in one of my test from stomach. I have been scared about that fact, in out family (thanks ;)) is running colon cancer. My stomach has been hurting and so on, so that´s why I went to the doc earlier. When I heard that about that test in Friday..I cried almost all day.
I dosent have to be that, but in human mind... well, there´s not on/off switch. And remembering one thing from last of my father´s cousin died in that thing..that didnt exactly helped.

I started to thing, all I have now. My close I almost broke my heart , when I realize that I have took those too be for granted!
I have been too selfish to see, what´s around me. How lucky I am. And I really should be thankful in every morning...about just that fact, that I can open my eyes once again. That, in it self, is a huge gift already! I have, by that, opportunity to do things during day. To be able to ever belongs in life. To be able to live those, is gift.

Like I said, I dont know what is going on. Tomorrow I have doctor again, and of course I hope that it´s just something small. Just something, that is easy to fix..or falls alarm?

What ever it woke me. Just by thinking...what could I loose, if i dont open my eyes now. You know? :)

Oh, and those lingonberrys. We went to woods yesterday, to pick up some berrys. Here´s my day in photos:

with love

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