maanantai 18. elokuuta 2014

rain through me

Ir´s here, finally! Autumn! <3 Is´s raining outside now, big time. And I´m loving every moment of this :).
Only +16 degree, so awesome! Now I´m feeling mother nature´s dancing with all her inspiration! And thunder joined here, too. So, quite a dance!

After that long period of heat this is just so.... relieving! I feel like I can breath now. My activity is rising... I feel lighter!

Here´s few pics from yesterday... :) It´s Autumn <3

Now I need to go, I think that thunder is coming stronger!

with love

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  1. I sometimes say that when we have a really hot summer... that has not been the case this year... It is almost like we have had a long Fall... I am hoping it lasts a good long time...

    Have a great week ahead Maarit :)

    1. Me too, I hope lasts long too :) Here it´s raining so much now :D changes so fast!
      You have a great week too <3


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