keskiviikko 13. elokuuta 2014

now I have time

Oh yes, maybe too much. Like I told last time, here in Finland has been soooo hot summer. So hot, that in one island bedrock split a bit in front of residents. Now it´s cooler, and I´m so happy about that! Just one thing... bee´s are so angry now. I mean, total angry. Every day in paper or some other media is pictures or story´s, how those has attack.
Of course I try to understand those bee´s, now after queen has kicked them work, no food. But but.... I live in country, middle of nowhere...and  I dont know, if I´m allergic. But if I am...and bee sticks...guess, how long it would take to get help!
And I´m most of the time alone...

So, before first frost come´s...I have to stay in. Or I just run in my car, If I need to go somewhere. Our terrace is quite full of bee´s now, why? I dont know. There´s no food or so..but there they are! Just

So, next few weeks I´m gonna be here more than someone can bear :D

Today I have been just hanging here, havent done nothing with sence. I cut my hair bit bad idea:(
I tried some clothes, and nothing looked good on me today. I truly try to figure out, what I can do, that I´m not prison in home. Just I dont know, what.

But, here I am, and gonna be a lot.

I have to say that I´m kind of bored already...So, after some days..should be interesting things to tell you :D :D I wasnt born to be inside, alone! I dont like to be afraid..I dont.

with love

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  1. My goodness... it is awful about all the bees... we are over burdened with ants this year, I have been slowly trying to get rid of them... I hope the bees leave soon, I wouldn't like being cooped up either :-/

    1. Launna, it is! I just wait for first frost... hope you are winning with ants! Those can be so much trouble, too....


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