keskiviikko 6. elokuuta 2014

like a waves in the ocean

Life. Life goes like that, like a waves in water. One day it´s calm, beautiful and you can see in long distance.
Next day there can be biggest storm that you have ever seen!
Some days are both of those, and some day it´s so calm that you want to brake the surface.

I love to sit next to water; lake, ocean...river. It truly looks like river of thought. Or, maybe I can think better there..

As I follow that water, wave with white foam... hitting the shore.. I cant help, I have to think: how far did that one wave came? What happen, that it came wave. Wind? Something from below?
One small wave, but wow! So much strength in it! Makes me feel so small in this universe.

Yep, I have been thinking lately. It started, when one journalist contacted me and asked, if I want to give interview. That was so... confusing, in a good way! Me? Wow... of course.
It´s that kind of thing, where I truly can reach people and hopefully give some hope.
When it´s out, I will tell more and put it here, too.

But I started to think my past, present and future. My past: i have survived from so much. Now, I´m truly thankful for all of those things that happen. I am. Without those.. well, who knows. I could be dancer? But less of the woman that I am now. Life is hard, but good teacher.

Present: I´m just starting to realize, how much people have capacity to do for your life. To do, what you dream. To live life, as you have dreamed. And still dreaming!

Future: It´s there! There has been times, that I havent believe in future. Now I do, and I know that there´s room for me, too :)

So, waves or calm... I take it all. I know, that human is build to survive. And more than that: to be happy!

There will be that day, when we have to move on..but before that: be strong, be you. And love it. It´s all you got. Do that to yourself, and then you can share that feeling. Even it is one smile. For someone that is all that he/she needs to feel good :)

with love

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  1. I agree we need to spread goodness and smile when we can... we all need that little uplifting feeling from time to time... Congratulations on the interview... that is awesome <3

    1. Yes, we all do. :) Here´s to you :) Thank you Launna! That is truly amazing... wow...will tell more later <3


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