maanantai 25. elokuuta 2014

I will control this

What? My life. As I wrote last time, it has been...well...more or less stressful time here. Yesterday, when I was in store..yep, that heart thing...Today my heart was hurting again. I called to doc and I have time there, too.

But, now I have to wake up! I mean, I have done some things well..others not too well for me. No it´s time to get serious. I dont want to end up to live like my father: with weak heart. And to b killed by it. No no no.

Some things I cant control, like heredity. But I can control my choice´s of food, exercise and how I will try to calm my mind in future.
All of those are so important and make my life better (or worse, if i dont do nothing!)

I believe, that in everybody´s system is sort of like put some gene that tell´s you, what sport is best of you. Usually people will find it by their desire to do it. Like those, who are doing it pro!

I have tried many...but where I really can see results fast and feels me is: bodybuilding. And walking/running. Both are like air to me: makes me feel so good, whole. I can truly see results so fast in my muscles, when I do something. And walking...oh, that feeling, when I´m in woods...fresh air...just something else!

Lately I havent done those too much, first so hot summer and after that those angry bee´s. But you know what? :) Yes, that awesome Autumn is here again. I didnt see bee´s too much walking is in order later!

Also, I want to "tease" my muscles a little later, just to see how are those now..after short break.

Then, food. Yep, we all need that, it´s our fuel. Just, there´s a difference, what you eat! Hamburger or home cooked food. Fat or healthy. Candy´s or apple. No, I´m not giving up from all of my candy´s, just less is good.

I havent ate hamburgers too much (last time...well...I dont remember!) But we have had some unhealthy food at home. And when it was home, I took it. With a little sense, it wont hurt. But eating too much...oh well, you know, what that is! :D

Meal rhythm is so important. 3-4hours max. Common sense is always the best, in everything!

So, I´m getting started again, and I truly believe that is a big key to live longer, healthier. And that´s up to me to execute. I wont let nothing to come in my way anymore. Nor even me.

I will take myself to next level and take care of me. I just have to. No other way, no explanations.

Thank you for being here with me, in this journey called life :))

with love

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  1. I have come to the same conclusion Maarit... Today is the day to start... not tomorrow... not next week but today...


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