maanantai 4. elokuuta 2014

how was your summer? Here´s mine with photos

Here in Finland it has been (still is) hotter than normal. Above +30c all the time! And for us not all but most of us, are not use to this kind of weather. Really, we are Nordic people! :) So, I have been confused and tired all summer. I have to admit: I love spring....And today it´s gonna be the hottest day of all summer... great. Not! :D

But, I manage to do something in this summer. Here´s pics from my summer:

some sport :)

good food

hot sun, some rain and great views 

LOT`S of painting

some hanging up

berries and juice making

and playing with my camera :D

Summer is still on, but work is also. Oh, and I gave one interview also! More about that, when it´s in magazine :). Big thing for me....

So, how was/is your summer?

with love

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  1. My summer has been relaxing, I have had some time off as well Valentina has been visiting people and going to camp too...

    I am glad to hear you are having a good summer but whoa to the 30 plus... we usually get a little heat wave in August... not sure that it will happen with the much colder July than normal...

    1. I´m so glad to hear, that your summer has been relaxing-time :) And Valentina had fun in camping?

      Yes, here´s has been way too hot, for me. And some other´s too. Some like it, but in oven!
      Few more days and it should be easier.. I truly hope!

      Have been missing you <3 :)


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