torstai 28. elokuuta 2014

how is appearance effecting

This, in these days is a good question. Good posture is almost all it takes! I started to think this more today. I was in store, waiting in line to my turn to pay. Behind me was 2 young, maybe 10years old girl. I was truly in home clothes: jumper etc, nothing special. No make up, my hair was looking more like nest of birds!

As I stood there, this one girl looked at me so long! I was sure, that she looked like: omg, that old lady looks so....well...out of fashion! And old fashion, too!

But then happen something, she tried to copy my position in what I stood. (funny line, yes?:)
She tried to put her foots like I had.

I Stand most of the time straight, my chin up (not too up, I´m not proud ;D) but..oh well, when I was modelling, I learned to stand in good positions and my posture is good.

So, I truly started to think, that I was there looking like some forest troll...but still with dignity.

When I see someone, I look that appearance first. Not that, how much did those clothes cost. You can make the impress simply how you carry yourself. And it´s much cheaper, too!

Standing tall (even if you are short), chin up, good posture... then you look confident enough to conquer this world! Also, add your attitude and voila´!

Why I said, that this is important in these days..oh well. In school you have to have latest fashion, everything must be simply the best. And that is just another way to grow to that kind of life, where money talks. And...that´s not good.

With money, you cant buy good inner you.

That was just one example, in grown up´s, there´s so much bad blood too. If your jacket cost´s 20€, you are poor? And 200€, you are cool? No. You can wear that 20€jacket and look like million €.

I try to explain my point hard, hope you got it? :DD I will find my words again, now those are a little lost. But hope you got the point...

with love

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  1. I understood... I tried to install that idea that spending money just to have a brand name was a waste of time, with both my children, more so with Valentina.

    I definitely think posture is important, mine is not great, I will definitely work on it Maarit :)

    1. :) I truly believe that it is a key to go! ;) <3


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