torstai 14. elokuuta 2014

don´t give up

I wrote this in my other blog That blog is all about life after panic disorder and surviving from it. I try to talk, what I have gone through and I did survive. So can you!
Main thing I always say, is: don´t give up. No matter what.

I really felt for Robin Williams, he was such a great actor. What I have read, great person, too. He made his choice to move on, and by that I need to respect that choice.

I also....I tried 3 times that...lucky me...I didnt die. Now I can say that. But at that time...that feeling that drove me to That is something else! So deep depression, sadness and dark mind that I really..even if I try, I cant describe.

So, I know that dark place. And trust me, its not selfish to think that. No no are so tired and no light in the end of the tunnel. You dont want to be burden to your family. So...

Now I know, what I could miss if I had succeed.
New change, this life now....I could missed that all! Then I felt that there´s no hope...but what day there is?

What ever you do....don´t give up. Ok? :)

with love

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  1. I know exactly how you felt Maarit...every day was a battle for 9 months.. I was unconsolable... my heart was broken so badly I didn't care... my heart is still broken but at least I see the light... I hope other people can hold in until it gets better....

    1. Oh Launna, you had a "great" battle, too...I´m more than happy that you pulled it through! And can see the light. It is such a tough job to hold on, so much power needed....I hope the same: hold on until it gets better <3


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