lauantai 16. elokuuta 2014

can I just be

Can I just be
all you need?
Can I just be all
I need?
Can I just be me.

Can I be weak, too?
I´m strong, I know
Still missing that feeling..
letting all control to go.
Being strong is too tough job
being tough is too hard...
for time to time.

Can I just fall,
knowing that 
safety net is there.
Or do I need to keep my 
parachute..just in case?
I dont wanna.

For too long I have kept it in my sholders.
For too long I have been too alart.
Just...let´t me be safe.
Help me feel safe.
I dont wanna be afraid.

Can I just

with love

2 kommenttia:

  1. I want to be that way again... just be me and have someone that I feel safe being that way again... :-/

    1. I understand you Launna...I totally do. Everyone needs to feel safe, if dont...have to be strong. And being strong all the time...oh well, you could come so tired....


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