keskiviikko 9. heinäkuuta 2014

summer love and old fashion blogging

I just came from pool...Ok, not quite :D

But trust this heat (+31c) is more than small pool: it´s my lover! Hot skin..dipping :) 

Yep, summer and heat is here in Finland now! As I sit here in terrace, I look the fields behind that pool...all so quiet. Not a sound... Just me and my dogs... warm...relaxing! 

There´s something in every season, that makes one feel...more than usual. I know, that I´m more alive in Spring, as air cool a bit and mother nature is blowing leafs down..but now, as it´s hot...I dont know, makes me feel like in love. Makes me smile! Just being here, out... I smile, and I love. 
I love lyrics, I love that air, I love life. 

The way, that sun is kissing my skin.. Definitely doing something more than usual! :D And trust me....making me dream bolder ;) Summer dream with little magic. 

That´s summer love for me.. loving this feeling, right here..right now. And my small pool.. ;)

I could write more bolder about my feelings now, but if I surrender myself to that feeling now..i will forgot the time, and I really need to go to store. So, I will do that, later. 

Some words about blogging, though. I´m old fashion blogger. Like so many things, time change and goes on. I think that posting videos etc is on it´s way more and more. I totally understand that, more readers/watcher :) 
It´s just, I´m not good with videos and I like to write. So, I´m gonna continue to do this, maybe one day a video :D Really, I´m better with pics...but, never say never? 

I have been in tv, some times.. It was fun. But those cameras were bigger and those users were pros :D But, never say never, right? 

Ok, the heat is going to take me... writing is like being in drunk: words are coming, but quality is not so great...Time to jump in my car and after that: meeting with my lover (pool).

with love

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  1. I'm an old fashioned blogger too... I like to write... pretty sure I won't be doing videos any time soon. ♡

    Enjoy that pool for cooling off Maarit :-)

    1. <3 you are, and soooo good at it <3 but if you are doing video some day...I will too ;) <3 And thank you, I totally will! That pool is my living room now... :D

  2. I love how you write, so deep but relatable <3

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