keskiviikko 16. heinäkuuta 2014

live like you should

Alaska The Last Frontier
There: Alaska the last frontier just listen it with thought.....

After that, I will tell you why I love it so much.

I have been watching that serial now for...oh well, one month? What impresses me is those thoughts, lifestyle.
Simple life, hard work. Nothing extra, just what you need for living. Or...maybe that extra is more than we mostly have? Tight family, helping neighbors...clear sky, wild life... Like one man from that serial said: (something like this..) : more technology takes something away from our lifestyle. True, that connection with nature..with each other. Of course it gives to use more, too...but a woman like me...I miss more and more nature. Simple life. In some point...

I have use to buy, call, be in internet, in FB, with mean, I dont have to fight for my food. It´s easy, yes...sometimes just so...boring? I feel lie having too much, too easy.
There´s that danger, that loosing all respect for food and everything is close. And I dont want to do that.

But..just a thought to be there, in real wilderness...there´s something inviting! Needing to know so much about my surround and learning what do I really need to different than now. Now: I want meat. I go to store. Simple. And thinking how much extra do I Alaska, I think you eat just what your body needs. As I watched that serial, they knew(still do) sooo much about minerals, vitamins etc and they looked so healthy. And that independence! Makes you free, with responsibility.

There were not trendy diets, just living and respecting the next meal. I dont know, does that sound crazy?
I mean, I live in the middle of wellness and my heart desires harder way? Is there any sense at all?

One thing I do know, I love to being the middle of forest. Quiet, no light pollution, or voice either!
And I do love mother nature, so much wiser than me.

Just maybe, things are made TOO simple here now...we forget our skills to survive. And even if we dont have to survive like in wilderness...those skills is shame to loose. Or is it just my opinion.... :D

with love

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  1. I think we all need to take a moment and really appreciate their surroundings... we are blessed with beauty... Have a lovely day Maarit♡

    1. So we are Launna, sometimes that just it´s too close for some people. :) It´s out power source! You too Launna, have a awesome day! <3

  2. Sometimes, we need to slow things down to appreciate what is really around us that is beautiful <3

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    1. Sarah, so true :)) <3 Thank you for invitation, I will do just that! :)


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