sunnuntai 20. heinäkuuta 2014

life with hormones

That´s a weird title :D. But so happen few days ago, that my dear car had some issues. As driving, it suddenly lost electricity and after sec all came back.

And that time of month, I´m sooooo sensitive. I mean, I cry in bold and the beautiful!

Ok, so it did that once. I was upset and nervous, of course, but after that it was ok again. Next day, I went to store. Once it did that -loosing power thing again, and I started to cry :D But, I decided to drive to store anyway. After all, I worked fine yesterday, too!

Off I went to the store and after that came back to my car. I parked it just front of our local store, and it was hot day. There was 5-6 youngster, about 11years old in front of store, eating ice-cream.

So, I started my car: woooom.... woooom....woooom.... #¤&&%#?%%%!!!!! Wont start. Those youngster started to look at me and smile. ##%%! Hot and feeling sensitive, dosent help! :D

Again....wooom....wooom.....nothing more. Damn! I tried to call to home, but no one was near phone. Oh sh%%! I have to stay in this stupid parking place alone, in hotness and those youngsters laughing...great way to spend a day!

I really started to talk to my car: come on...please? Damn, I will put you on river! Work work....please, forget that river...I will be good to you.....""¤¤&T! My radio worked, so I put it soooo loud, kind of wanted to ease those youngsters not to laugh...didnt work. Hard rock, oh well, those are kids from country. Cant impress easily, have seen so much already. 10 minutes I fight, I called home about 19times, no answer. That was the hard part, because I knew that work here was with loud machines, no way no one can hear phone.. or come and look it in the middle of working.

Trust me, I looked like woman, who was having a nervous break down. I totally understand those youngsters! :D

After 10 min it came alive! Oh yes! I put the gas pedal down to try it. It´s not the biggest engine, no. V6, but here big enough to make some noise. So I left "with style"  And cries ALL the way to home.

As I got back to home, I was truly like a child: I wailed and cried some more.... :D not too pretty. And...I really...kicked tire...I did. Two times... or three....and yes...I said something like this: If this was your car, you had it fixed like yesterday! To universe... why me??? Why ALL this is happening to me?? Me me me.... not too proud...

I think that some woman know what I mean? :D

Now i hope it´s all good, there was some water in place that it should not be. Cleaning that away and my car is back I hope :D . But really, here in woods that car is more than a car. That´s my only way out! Needing milk? 18km to store... need something more?Well, more kilometer there to drive..

You've been warned: Only women are entitled to laugh at their own hormones! hehe

Yeep :D

with love

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  1. We are allowed to have meltdowns from time to time Maarit... we are women after all and we feel things deeply... also it is stressful when things don't work they way they should :)

    1. Aww Launna, you make me feel more normal again! :) Thank you <3


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