sunnuntai 6. heinäkuuta 2014

just be there

Put your clothes on and be there.

This good advise is taken fom FB, list of 90 years old woman. That list is more or less advises for good living. Living it fully.

All of those 42 advises are great, but this one truly hit me.  Just be there. Simple. See, what happens.

Question, where? Anywhere! Put your clothes on and go out. Be ready for things to happen, be there. If you are afraid, go there and see, what happens. Dont  think too much.

This 3 simple words has helped me to break me from too much thinking. I have been still am thinker. It is good, mostly...but other side is that I think too much head. What could happen, or not would happen. That kind  of thinking kept me away from places, away from living in moment.

Last days I have tried to do just that: be there. I have put my clothes on and gone somewhere. Without thinking it too much. I have been more open from  life around me! Just basic shopping...people around me...laughter...:) Life.

Be there and see what happens.

Life is full of surprises, and we need to be awake to see those. Good or bad. But nothing comes, if we are not there.

Does that make any sense? :D I didnt write it too well, I know. But leaving it kind of open is the way to give to you your own interpretation, how could you use that line. I think that we all have our own way to see things, and how I see it...maybe you see it differently. How it would fit in your life.


with love

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  1. This is a good way... be ready and just go.... that is a great way to live Maarit :)


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