perjantai 11. heinäkuuta 2014

be your own hero

Yes, you. I follow so great persons in Instagram, hard workers, fitness, runners, mothers...all those have one thing in common: will power. They dont explain, they And I have admired them oh, so long. How do they do that? Will power, hero of them lifes.

Then, finally! I felt it... that hunger for more. That wake up moment: I can be hero, too! For myself. I really can be either my worst enemy or my own hero. Human mind is so powerful that it CAN stop you for going after your dreams... I dont have time, or money, or I´m tired...or or...
Then can just do it. What ever you dream about. Hard work is needed, mental or physical. Or both.

Win yourself and do it. That´s amazing, when you realize that you, yes you, can do all the different in your life.

For me, that´s about time to realize. I have a dream. I want to see, how far and how well I can build my body. Just starting, so... Kind of studying it and learning... I need more -to does- less explains why I cant do... and that´s a truth. I´m good in that, explaining to myself... and believing those explains.

Now...It´s me vs. me. Only thing that stands in my way: me. And no more..... :) Kicking my self in the a****!!!!! One day it´s going to be good ass.. :D

wise man.... ;)

with love

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  1. We really are our best competition... doesn't it feel awesome when you realize you are the effort and you can put in the hard work :-)

    1. You are so right Launna <3 That´s the greatest feeling :)


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