tiistai 24. kesäkuuta 2014

It´s a new day

That link below is made by me :D I have to say, that this is new area for me. I´m not sure, how to put video´s here but this one is put throught Youtube. 
Maybe I will take more video´s...it´s fun ;)

mind river

I took this as we were fishing. I just love that sound of river..water. That reminds me about that thing, that I say often: Listen your mind river. Just sit and watch... :)

Every day is a new day. I love that in life, yesterday is history, tomorrow is future. What happened yesterday, dosent have to happen today.

I´m trying to do this every morning: when I open my eyes, I stretch for a sec...trying to understand that gift: new day to live.

I admit, lately it´s been a bit tough here. Nothing too serious and nothing dangerous. Just life and people with choices. Now, we all have to live with those. I could say unfair, but we´ll live.

Yesterday I had this stop for my own thoughts. I thought too much, I know that now. I lost my sleep...
I thought it for a while and saw my life as it is. All good, after all. No need to be sorry. If someone is making choices, cool. We are not part of those, cool too. We have our life, love and family. Life goes on.

There´s gonna be, in some point, some sort of facing of this thing, there´s always that part. Maybe things will get better, or not. Again, life goes still forward. And it´s too short to worry every drama. In everyone´s life, there´s some drama, yes?

Now, I think that I will go out for a while. Not raining! In Finland, there came snow, really! In midsummer fest. Even here. Pure, white snow. That weather is gone just...wow... now there´s sun and not TOO cold, for summer... +15c... Funny, from Alaska they sent for us, in Finland, best wishes...there is warmer now ;) So, to Alaska: Enjoy!!! <3

Haha, me dancing that good mood...

with love

Here´s tip, if you are, like me, allergic to tree nuts: Nut free chocolate??? Yes, in left of this page is link to Dammenberg. Totally nut-free place, sooo much chocolates..and so tasty. That was my rescue, because I just love chocolate. In every chocolate, that I have looked is stores: May contain, contains...etc. nuts. Unfair....so, if you have same thing..look that link! I have read that they have deals all over the world..there are other´s too, who want chocolate! ;)

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  1. You are right Maarit, all we can do is move foward... we cannot worry about others ;-)

    1. :) So true.... It truly seems that life is learning for me ..<3 Thank You Launna ,for being here!


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