perjantai 20. kesäkuuta 2014

Mind traps and Midsummer fest

It´s Midsummer here again, midnight sun fest is in order.. :) Make those magic´s and enjoy! 

Then about those mind traps.. I have noticed that I come so irritable, when someone assumes to know. What that means, let me tell you. Maybe you are quiet one or a bit shy. Then someone assumes that you must be a do I put this..well, strange way. There must be something wrong with you, cause you are not like the rest of the croup.

And because that assuming... you have put in category: weird.

Or, you are telling too much about yourself, then assuming is getting wild. Without that someone even talks with you.

What I try to tell here, is that maybe there is more than eye can see?

I try to think wider in every situation. Like, if someone is moody...that could be, that he/she is having real hard time in home? Or at work. Or she/he is sad? Not happy in hes/her life?´s not always because of ME?

Oh gosh, so hard to tell you this, what´s on my mind now... :DD

We thing too fast that everything is about us. Me, myself and I. If one cant go to some party, it´s not necessarily that he/she dosent want to go. Maybe...e/she just cant, really cant go?
Maybe she/he has panic disorder? And it´s too hard to say out loud? Or something else. How we can tell....

Why I write this, is that one person, that I know...he has panic disorder. And he really want´s to go places and parties...But he cant. He`s too afraid. He lives in our capital and full of people. I know that from experience that with panic it´s tough place to be.

So, one of my friend called me..."he just dont give a damn about my feelings! He didnt come in my party!!!" I asked, have you talked with him? "No, that wont be necessary. He didnt come, so he dosent care." And this guy cries at home, alone....

So, one assumes that he dont care...without knowing that he´s totally down and really wants to go but...cant.

I wonder, how much we assume things without knowing? Too much. In every no, there can be bigger reason than just ME.

Did you got my point??? Omg, this must sound so weird.. :D I tried to put it down somehow...

with love

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  1. I know what you mean Maarit.. I have been on the end of someones words that are said without thinking... the sad thing is the apology never comes. I have come to learn that I have to come to terms with the fact that an apology may never come.

    People really shouldn't judge other people, they have no idea what another person is going through... I totally agree with you :)

    1. So it goes, Launna...some people dont think, before it´s too late...when damage is done. It´s sad too, long history can be wiped away too shortly... Let´s think before act :) <3


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