sunnuntai 22. kesäkuuta 2014

just have to say: I´m displeased

Warning! At the beginning not too positive thoughts...hoping to turn those around. Just sometimes, have to write what I is that time.

Last post that I wrote, is close to this one. But now I open a bit more......

As I have told, I came here in country from our capital. And lived too wild life. I have traveled a lot. I have seen so ugly life, and lived that too. I have been around so dangerous people and those are still my friends. Yep, wild, hard life behind me.

Now.... I´m finally living peaceful life. In the middle of forest. Cow´s next to me. Dog´s and cat´s. Just us and our family.
Now I´m hearing, that I should go in the city´s more? Or I should do this and that to have a normal life???? I have to want to have a good time, to drink more (I dont drink anymore) and live a little. Hell, I have done that already and now I´m living as I want!

I mean, what is definition for "real" life?

Kids, well....not in my hands. Not by choice to be without.
Money and status. Ok, I have both, just enough. But I dont have to shout it in media....
Great, fashionable hobby. I have my own things, fashion or not.
Big house. Oh yeah, have that. (still not definition for real life)
Friends. I have my friends, they live longer but they are there.

I mean, I´m happy here, at home. We like to be in nature. I dont have kids. I decorate with old things. I wear what I want. I´m not too comfortable in big crowds. My happiness is not just having party with alcohol. I´m working at home. I think too much? Yes. I dont like drama. By that I mean drama for small things.... just....dont. I dont pretend to be something that I´m not.

So.....on the basis of those things...I dont live "real" life?????

Yep, I have heard some rumors. Younger people, with kids..husband..."real" job.

No, I´m not married. Not even engaged. Still happy. We have been that 10 years. (of course we have had our bad moment´s too, like everyone else) So, is that ring or paper definition for real relationship? No,  just dont believe in that. It all comes from heart. There´s that commitment, rest is bonus.

Again, I hope that you got my point? And thank you for listening! <3

with love

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  1. You have the right to live your life as you see fit Maarit. It is no one's business but yours ;-)


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