keskiviikko 25. kesäkuuta 2014

Hard work pays off

I have been training little.. Ok, it´s more than that but less than I wanted. One reason is those ..oh well, drama´s, here. In next week I´m gonna take all that pain and drop it to that awesome gym´s floor and forget it :) I really miss that gym... but I have to wait this week. TG I got this awesome home program!

That supports my goal so well, and really works. I started to think more my goals and my life, when I read lettersfromlaunna blog. That last post was so true: about self sabotage.

I have done just that, without even noticing it. Why? Good question. Maybe thinking something like this: If I succeed, do I have to keep up my lifestyle, because everyone has seen the change? What if I fail in some point? And if I succeed, do I change? Or my life? Word: change. There´s a key for me, I believe. Am I afraid to change, after all? And if so, why. Really?
I dont think, that people has one thing in their mind: just to look my life. No. So, it´s me.

Afraid to take that change, because afraid to fail? Maybe. But, that´s so stupid!? Yes? Oh, but still so human :D

Really, I´m not good for posing my muscles...but there´s something is my shoulder´s and arms...Legs, too! And stomach ;)

So, that´s a start. And I´m happy for those, now! I wasn´t that yesterday, too busy to worrying that I dont do enough... I didnt celebrate that I have done something. Well, now I am happy :))

Slowly now, but surely. Later...full speed! And if not... gonna deal that, then.


:) with love

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  1. Awe thank you Maarit... you inspired me with this post too... you make me feel special :) Have a lovely day :)

    1. :) You welcome <3 and you are special! And wise ;) Have a great day, too <3


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