lauantai 14. kesäkuuta 2014

bold dreams

As I drink my morning coffee a bit  late, i know ;) , I look out from our living room window. Grey and windy, colder than earlier..and guess what?  That is so great, too! :) A bit feeling like Fall...and I just love Fall. There´s gonna be summer again, and that´s good too..I guess I like weather changing.

Lately I have been working with myself. Actually, I have had this dream but never said it out loud..because I didn´t belive that I can do it.

That´s fitness. Sort of... not yet? totally dedicated, because I have too much fat etc, so I´m just starting...and looking for what my body thinks. But, I want to be in better shape. That´s a fact. I want to be more x- shape than O.

So, I´m gonna challenge me as far as I can go.

Why this feels more realistic now, is simple. I went to our gym´s inBody measurement. I really was afraid that. Like I have told, my family from my father´s side, we have issues in heart etc. So, I was afraid that around my viscera´s is big juicy fat level. I was totally surprised that it was normal! Huge relief... woh! That showed also where´s more muscles and how was my protein etc. Ok, there is fat, I know that ;) But also muscle!

So, my PT made me this gym program. She also  said, that I have more power that women do normally. And I havent done actually nothing lately to work out my muscles. So... I just started to think...what body is build for bodybuilding? Never thought that so. I said that for my PT and she said...never too late to start that. She saw potential! Then I asked, how about :DDD too old for that.

So, here I am. Still sitting in my sofa, cause my muscles are hurting from training ;D, freeday today.

We´ll see, how this goes. How my body is working with me..I dont wanna brake it. Now, I need to lose weight and just work every muscle, so they get use to work. After 2 month we look, do we need to do new program.

me now

trying to run :)

Just loving empty roads

and county roads..

Now, as on my freeday,  I´m gonna take my dogs for walk. One thing I dont like is those huge horsefly´s! We have cow´s in every field around us those are the sweetest things :) and those horsefly´s are bugging on them. And us... That´s why I like it litte rainy and windy now. Keeps those away!

Something to think about...

with love

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  1. nice!
    i follow you back #47
    have a good day!

  2. I think it is a great idea to push yourself, see how far you can go... being healthy and strong is a win anyway :) I hope you are having a great weekend Maarit :)

    1. Thank you Launna <3 we´ll see, how far I go. But you are so right: win-win anyway!!! I missed you! :) You, have a great weekend also!


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