sunnuntai 25. toukokuuta 2014

what has different places given me

This thought came to my mind, since I connected again with my friends from 70´s. Friends, who were there when I was child, and first school much fun!
We moved guite a  lot, so new friends came later.

But these friends were part of my childhood. I have been thinking, how life has been to them, what they do now etc... and thanks to FB, I know now :)

But this place, what I´m talking about now..there was this bad thing...when I was 6. I told that before....and I have sort of like marked that place only with that thing. Not remember all that good, that was there.

So, now I´m looking more like with new eyes and turning that bad thought to good.

This one is from google maps, very convenient ;)

This is a place in Helsinki Taka-Töölö, in our capital. That door, and window under text was my home and safety in so many years. Exactly 7years. I went my primary school there.

With my best friend, we did some funny things there. Although my parents didn´t thought those such funny. In that window, our dog sat and looked in street. People, other dogs... :) He didn´t mind sitting almost in cactus, my mom had out few big ones there. 

If I forgot my keys at home ( I usually did) that window was open a bit from inside. So, me and my friend simply just climbed in. Two short girls...I dont know, how we did it! 

That gate there, next to dosent show it much..but it was steep. We played that our bike´s were horses and we were riding hard in that could do that now! :D

Also, in that corner where´s that triangle for cars...there were local food store.We had account there and every day I wet to buy ice cream from there.  It was so easy, I just said: Add to account. You can imagine, how happy my parents were....

Now, as I look that place now... I can say I miss those days :)  After all, more good things there...than that one real bad. So, it gave me so much: friends for life, happiness, my platform to grow.... 

with love

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  1. I understand where you are coming from Maarit... I don't like thinking of my childhood because of my crazy ex mother but all my memories are not bad... I choose to remember the good times :)

    1. I remember that you wrote about your childhood...was tough, and not all good memories. That is so great that You can look back, remembering those good things, too! I try to do more so, also ... :) Thank you Launna, for being there! <3


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