lauantai 10. toukokuuta 2014

taking a breath

I just need to do that. Also, renew me and my blog. That is something, that I feel that I have to do.

Before my stomach flu, actually in the very same day, I was vising my doc. He´s older man, country doc and he is just so straight. I have been so tired lately, not physically but mentally. So off I went to see him and guess what? As I started to talk, I cried, too. I hit the wall.

Best part is that I did hit it. That means that I can do something about this situation. That doc was great: hitting wall is actually best thing you can do. From there you can learn and think, why you are tired. Your body is telling something, listen it.

So, I changed my point of view and started to really, really listen myself. Also, I need to ac like that, too.

If running in rain is the thing that I feel to do now...then I do so. Need to feel alive again! Trying to control too much of my life, thoughts or any other That wasn´t wise. For some reason my biggest fear was (is?) to let loose. Just let things be as they are, and if I need to fall apart..I wont die.

My doc said, (and he´s right!) I dont let myself go easy, I´m guite tough to myself.

So...this is my new way to learn life. Looking ahead, leaving past and living now. No matter what, in good or bad.

I´m gonna talk also more with my camera (or that cam in my phone). Haven´t done that too much lately.

Here´s some pictures about little rainy day, full of fresh air :)

with my phone

Haha, this is fun! 360 pic from back yard. Not guite pro but learning!!! My first one....

with love

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  1. very nice pics :)

  2. Some really great pictures Maarit.. and yes we do have to look after ourselves... we are the only ones who can do that :)

    1. Launna, thank you :) Again, words of wisdom from you <3


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