lauantai 17. toukokuuta 2014

Saturday night fever

Wow, this new way of thinking is actually hard Job;)
To think my dreams, how those have changed during time and one important question: What do I want now!

I can feel, that what I wanted few years ago, is not what I want now. My values has changed somehow, after getting more age. And thats a good thing!

Before I Wanted more action, work again With fashion... Now, I appreciate some peace of mind and that freedom to make Choices in my life.

I just love guiet mornings, Just me, my coffeemug and birds. Specially now, when summer has arrived here in Finland! Tomorrow I Just have to work on my tan. Hard job, but needs to be done :D So, Sunchear and me, tomorrow.

Today I worked with one of my flowerplace. Have to take all old away and new in. Pretty empty still, Have to go to store and buy more flovers. But I put one waterelement there! I Just love that turtle!

Now, saunatime! Best way to relax. Wooden hot sauna, relaxes both body and mind!

You have a great Saturday night :)
with love

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  1. Enjoy getting out in the sun.. it doesn't last near long enough, so take advantage of it all:)

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend :)

    1. Thank you dear Launna! Hope your weekend was good!! :)


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