tiistai 13. toukokuuta 2014

Loving yoga and book issues

Yesterday was my third time in yig yoga. I must say, that it is soooo good! Staying in one position about 3-4min does so good to connective tissues, relaxes and calms down.
Day before that I did try pilates, also. That was interesting, small moves, big benefit!

Body and mind <3

Then...book. As I have told, I´m writing book about everything that I have gone through. And that´s a lot. I dont say too much, but I say a  lot. 
Writing that is so hard, and I have come to decision: not now. It´s too hard to go through those things again, and.... I want to focus in good things. I keep it safe (wrote guite a lot already) but I started new. It´s about more positive thoughts, like small poets. Something like I have written here, but shorter and with message. I wanna give good, not to swing in that past. :) And you know, I´m actually loving it now! 

So, I´m gonna let go more from my past. It´s always there, and I´m stronger because it...but now it´s time to focus here and now. Wow, like a huge weight lift away from my heart!


with love

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  1. I have been wanting to go to Yoga or Pilates... I think I would benefit from both of these greatly:)

    Good luck with the book... I have one I am working on too.. it isn't easy when there are things in our past that are hard to bring out... :/

    1. Yoga is so good!!!! :) really! Thank you Launna, it isn´t easy...I needed to take a break..too hard now :/


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