keskiviikko 28. toukokuuta 2014

In the corner of happiness

Life is truly pure roller coaster, woh! One day you are up, then down...and your way up again! But..maybe better that way..other wise it could be too boring?

I have been out a lot lately, it was so summery here in Fin last 2 weeks. +30c and tropical. Now...   + 8c and colder.. So, mother nature is also cold and hot, up and down. She´s alive too!

But one thing I have learned: I´m more here and now... and I do listen myself in more positive way. Also, I allow my self to feel. If I´m angry, I´m angry. Or if I´m happy, I´m happy. Before I was more like reflection of others feelings: I was feeling good, someone wasn´t..oh well, I wasn´t after while.. I sort of soaked up others feelings, emotions.

Like I have told, that´s what I love about life: you are never ready. Life is learning all the way. And that makes me humble!

Next challenge for me is starting to learn to look things in different angles. We all have our believes, ways to look life. But, what if we start to look things a little differently? Do thous believes still look as we thought...or can we look even deeper? I dont believe that there´s only one truth in things... Only truth is that in Earth are about 6-7 billion I guess that there´s so many ways to look life. And that dosent mean that need to change everything! No, just look around and just maybe...learning?

This thought is still kind of under my thoughts, hope you got my idea?

with love

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  1. Yes life throws us curve balls... I am a little tired of the ones thrown my way... Just keep moving along.

    Our weather doesn't want to warm up, I am so looking forward to the good weather happening sometime soon... :)


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