torstai 15. toukokuuta 2014

I dont settle the second best

No, I wont. Not anymore. I have been settling the second best so long, and now I decided: I´m worth the best!

That goes in everything, but my example is this: Few years ago I went this absolutely great gym. I got great deal, 50%off for trying and after that normal prize.

Oh wow! That was pure luxury...I! Everything was made for pure enjoyment. Oasis in the middle of that gym...trees, flowers...sofas...and always fresh coffee and healthy snacks. Salt room..gym itself, all machines new, latest... air condition age! You have to be over 40years before you can go there! So, that calms things down...:)
Shower and sauna... luxury. Dressing Fife star gym.

check out here :)

They treat you like queen! Really! After short time I had to guit there, I travelled to USA couple times (great time!!!!) and my dad passed away. I dont lie, it is also a bit expensive! From here and back comes 100km. BUT: I signed today wellness contract :))))))) BIG smile here.

Even though I dont go every day...that one time in week(or two..) is going to be absolutely mind rest and carries me so far. I´m gonna take whole day, just to go there, drink out, relax in sauna..salt room...all of that in my own time. Not gonna even look time!

I have missed there so much, and I tried one gym last year. That wasnt just what I was looking for. I mean, after that other... no way! We all need some luxury in our life, and for every people that means different thing. For me, this is my thing.... :) Just wanna feel like queen time to time...

So it goes...

with love

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  1. I totally agree that we need to expect more from ourselves then mediocre.... I have a blog post I am working on now that is similar to this.... Hopefully it will be ready to post in the next day or so... :)

    1. Cant wait Launna!!! :) we are worth the best! <3


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